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The Director
Steve Steele
Steve Steele has made dozens of adult movies and specializes in genre adult films, including superhero, horror, fetish and other mainstream porn. He cowrote the script and did all the film direction of the Demi Movie. See his site at:
Steve Steele Presents

Demi Creator
SS Crompton
Demi creator SS Crompton has been the driving force of Carnal Comics for the last 7 years and has produced over 30 Demi books and comics. He worked with Steve Steele to get the story and script to really feel like the Demi comics. He and Randy Vogel also custom built a lot of the props used in the film. From the clam juice can to Lyssa's banners, the idea was to create items that would fit in a live action comic movie. See more at

Vampirooni Creator
Randy Vogel
Randy is a true Underground Comic artist. he lives in the San Francisco area, was trained by Larry Todd, S. Clay Wilson and hangs out with Mark Bode. He was also published by Ripp Off Press and his comics appear in Fogel's Underground Price Guide. But his most poppular character is Vampirooni. Because of the Demi crossover comic, Vampirooni became part of the movie and Randy helped with props, art and story ideas for the film.
See more at the Official Vampirooni Page

ELLIE IDOL Plays Demi the Demoness
A totally unique role in a one-of-a kind adult movie
Very few adult movies based on an adult comic have ever been made and When Ellie was offered the chance to Cosplay Demi the Demoness in an x-rated movie, she had to try it. It was tough work for her too. She had to be fitted with wings, a tail, horns and hooves. It's one of the most complicated costumes ever used in an adult movie. Below, see some exclusive photos of Ellie in costume that are not available anywhere else on the web...

Ellie has been doing adult movies for about 2 years and is also known as Dirty Little Chloe. She's done films for Bang Brothers, Brandi Belle and many others. In looking at video clips of her,we could see she was sexy, funny and had that cutness that makes for a great Demi.

Ellie Idol & Sinn Sage

Ellie Idol as Demi the Demoness

The Lic-Nic

Demi & Vampirooni's Lic-Nic

Captured by the Witch!

You'll have to get the Demi Movie to find out what happens next!



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July at the giant San Diego 2008 Convention Center. so be sure to stop by see who's there!  We will try to get all the girls there, but we can't guarantee that at the moment.

That's all the news for now. But new updates and pictures will be added here every few days. And be sure to check out the rest of Demi's official website if you haven't already.

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