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Comic History in the Making...
Yes the Demi the Demoness movie is a piece of comic history. Almost NO live action x-rated movies have been made in the US based on an x-rated comic. But odds are you don't care about that. You want to know who's in it, when is it coming out and is it cool. funny and sexy?

Here's the basics...
The movie stars Ellie Idol as Demi the Demoness,
Sinn Sage as Vampirooni and Audrey Elson as Lyssa the Witch. Soon we'll be adding links to photo galleries and other sites on the web that highlight these gals. The casting of these 3 was perfect and they couldn't have done a better job at playing the characters from the comics. It's really something to see them moving around and interacting with each other as Demi, Vampirooni & Lyssa.

The script was written by Demi creator SS Crompton and Director Steve Steele. Randy Vogel (Vampirooni's creator) was consulted throughout the production to try to get Vampirooni's look and personality on screen. There's plenty of humor, puns and visual jokes throughout the film and in between the sex. It's different from a lot of porn as it's more of a story with some hardcore sex scenes in the film, all of which are part of the story.

The movie was directed by Steve Steele who has filmed other super hero, fetish and horror related porn movies. The entire film was shot in a studio in Burbank, California during the writers stirke when many of the facilites were not in use.

Demi the Demoness is one of the longest running US adult comic characters still being published, with over 30 books & comics to her credit. Demi was first published by Carnal Comics in 1992. Demi has also had her adventures published by Eros Comics, MU Press, Revisionary Comics & Rip Off Press.

Demi appeared in full color on the pages of OUI Magazine for 2 years and has been on T-shirts, trading cards, prints and even had a 14 inch tall resin model kit made..

In the comic biz, having a movie made from your character is the Mount Everest of comic fame, and now Demi, an x-rated comic character has reached that pinnacle.

See more at Demi's MySpace Page!
Any fan of Demi knows she loves to meet new & interesting people everywhere she goes, so once she heard about MySpace from some of here fans, she wanted her own place to visit and chat with all her friends and fans. So take a visit, and find out how tall Demi is, what her favorite hobbies are read her blog & see her slide show. You don't even have to be a member to see most of her pics.
Plus there's links to Ellie Idol's & Sinn Sages MySpace pages. DemiMySpace page.

Demi the Demoness Movie is Available NOW!
The Demi Movie is Out and this site is the ONLY place you can get it!
The Movie also has a bunch of Bonus features These include a Demi & Vampirooni biography, Outtakes, Behind the Scenes footage and production stills.
And a few other things worth watching.

NEW! Check out some reviews.. .FANS REVIEW THE FILM!

Exclusive Demi Demoness Movie photos!
We used to have some trailers here, but they no longer work so here are pics...

Demi Picnic

Demi & Rooni

Demi in Jail

Demi Ceremony

About the Actresses


You can get Demi the Demoness' Movie right here on this site. Now there are 2 ways to get the movie.
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February 22-24, at the Carnal Comics booth, were there to show off some props from the film, pass out free Demi Movie stuff and Sinn Sage was there Saturday to sign Vampirooni photos! We got the inside scoop on the movie from director Steve Steele.

July at the giant San Diego 2008 Convention Center. so be sure to stop by see who's there!  We will try to get all the girls there, but we can't guarantee that at the moment.

That's all the news for now. But new updates and pictures will be added here every few days. And be sure to check out the rest of Demi's official website if you haven't already.

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